How being a grandma, mom, a careerwoman & wife has turned ME into being crazy yet remained gorgeous inside & out through the years !

Its simply because i enjoy every bit of the chores as a full-time grandma, mom and wife… being with grandchildren all day makes it all so funny crazy, funny because kids simply make me laugh with every little tactic they do and every darn thing they say, crazy because after a hard day’s work you get to see & fix their mess, teach them their homework, bathe them to make sure they still have the “angel’s breath” in them …& the grownup kids… ahh , 2 things, either laugh with them, or cry with them for their grown-up issues, but at the end of day you still get to hug and kiss them goodnight and bid them sweet dreams and tell them, straighten your life, you have a choice…and at work , i see happy faces from people i have been part in enriching their lives, we share dreams and how to fulfill those dreams by being passionate with what we do.

Being child-like, enjoying chores, and other duties and responsibilities at home and at work are all worth it to make one “gorgeous inside & out”.. these are what makes a woman at my age passionate and powerful..because we feel we are needed.